Conveyancing and Property Law

We specialise in the following Property Law fields:

  • Residential Property
  • Leases
  • Mortgages and Re-Mortgages
  • Transfer of Equity
  • Commercial Premises

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Residential Property

There are few things more important or, indeed, expensive as the purchase of your home. We have many years of experience in buying and selling on behalf of clients and we will guide you through the process with clear explanations of the legal issues and every assistance you require.


If you are contemplating granting or taking a tenancy, we can assist in drafting the appropriate documents and ensuring compliance with statutory requirements.

Mortgages and Re-Mortgages

Whether you are funding your purchase or releasing equity from a pre-owned property, there is a myriad of forms and procedures to follow, all of which we will explain and ensure are executed in order to achieve a swift completion.

Transfer of Equity

It is common, particularly in situations of matrimonial breakdown, for interests in property to be transferred between individuals. Often in conjunction with other departments in the firm, the property team will ensure a smooth transfer of ownership.