Family Law

Mortimers is one of the leading specialists in all matters relating to family law in Shropshire, Herefordshire, Wales and the Midlands with an acknowledged track record in successfully dealing with issues such as divorce and separation, children, civil partnerships, care proceedings and co-habitation.

We specialise in the following Family Law fields:

Divorce / Separation

Divorce is increasingly the most popular option when a marriage has broken down. The process does not need to be hostile or aggressive, Our aim is not to create difficulties for parting couples, but to offer a supportive solution and a civilised exit to an unhappy situation.

Some couples decide to live separately rather than to end their marriage formally. They may consider judicial separation (formal Court proceedings) or a separation agreement prepared by legal advisers which sets out the terms of their financial agreement. Whilst not necessarily providing a final legally binding order, we aim to provide as much security and certainty as possible.


All too often children appear to be the unwitting casualties of parental differences. We can offer advice regarding where a child lives, and who a child sees and when (Child Arrangement Orders - formerly residence and contact orders) and other issues relating to children's upbringing such as schooling or name change, always ensuring that the children's needs come first and are paramount. We can also offer advice and guidance regarding the preparation of parenting plans.

Division of Assets

Who has what and in what proportions is often the most bitterly fought over issue when a marriage breaks down. We can help by investigating all avenues with you and to ensure that a fair and equitable solution is arrived at.

Domestic Violence/Injunctions

The breakdown of a relationship does unfortunately involve emotional turmoil, which can get out of control. Whether the abuse is verbal, physical or harassment, this can blight lives. We can advise on your rights and, if necessary, help you seek protection from the Court.


Increasingly couples are deciding to live together without the legal tie of marriage. The breakdown of such a relationship does still involve legal issues, particularly over property rights. Many cohabiting couples do not realise that they do

Civil Partnerships/Gay Marriage

We have experience in acting for same sex couples, and adopt a gay-friendly approach, emphasising equal opportunities law, so, whether clients require advice on pre-registration agreements, the effect of registering a civil partnership, issues regarding children, or dissolving the partnership, we are able to offer understanding sympathetic advice.

Care Proceedings

We have several experienced Solicitors (five of which are members of the Law Society's Children Panel) who are able to represent children and parents when Care Proceedings or other associated applications are issued by Local Authorities. We can attend Case Conferences before proceedings are issued if required.

Legal Aid

Mortimers has been awarded the contract to provide Legal Aid services in the area of Family Law in all our three offices. In appropriate cases, Public Funding (Legal Aid) is available, subject to financial assessment.

Change of Name Deeds

Often, separating women wish to revert to their maiden name or wish their children to be known by a new name. Adults can change their names simply by signing a change of name deed. Specialist advise is needed before childrens names are changed and we can advise on this.

Mediation Referrals

Mediation is an increasingly popular method of resolving conflicts such as can incur, following the breakdown of a relationship. We can offer help and support throughout the mediation process.