Employment Law

Mortimers has a specialist Employment Law Team who are members of the Employment Law Association. The team conducts a wide variety of cases - both in and outside the Employment Tribunal - on behalf of Employers and Employees alike. 

We specialise in the following areas of Employment Law:

Contract Review

In the changing environment of Employment Law, with new legislation and procedures being published almost every week, it is vital to maintain updated contracts, company handbooks and policy statements. Mortimers can review, for a fixed cost, all such documents on a regular basis to ensure that your organisation is compliant.

Unfair Dismissal

We can offer advice and Tribunal representation to employers or employees in claims for Unfair Dismissal, with Tribunal awards reaching ever higher levels, the procedural and tactical consideration of Tribunal claims require good, sound commercial advice.


We have experience in advising on the principles and mechanics of large and small redundancy exercises, ensuring appropriate consultation and adherence to statutory requirements. We can also chair meetings or advise on site as necessary.

Breach of Contract

Where there is a breach or anticipatory breach of contract, we can advise as to the effect both in terms of HR management and commercial decision making.

Stress at Work

We can offer advice and support on Stress at Work claims, whether relating to work overload or the pressures of bullying and harassment. We will advise as to the merits of a claim, whether it be based on contract or negligence, and will take all necessary steps including liaison with medical advisers and Occupational Health specialists. We have represented clients with significant claims against private and public bodies.

Equal Opportunities

We have experience of claims relating to Sexual and Racial Discrimination, both for insured clients and for claimants with theoretically unlimited awards available in such types of case, it is essential to obtain specialist advice.